The Water From My Boiler Is Too Hot!

What Can I Do To Improve My Central Heating System?

Modern central heating system boilers are far more efficient than older ones for several reasons. The main advantage of newer boiler is that they are what are called “condensing boilers”. Well-maintained boilers all burn fuel extremely efficiently, but they all lose some heat through the gases that escape out of the flue.

Improving My Central Heating System

A condensing boiler has a larger heat exchanger so can recover more heat. This also makes the gases up the flue cooler – sometimes so cool that the water vapour within the gas condenses. When this happens, even more energy can be recovered.

If your boiler is getting old, then you might well be able to make massive savings by replacing it with a newer and more efficient A rated model. If you call a reputable Gas Safe registered installer such as L&W Heating and Plumbing they can advise you on the kind of savings you might be able to make and the overall costs of replacement.

Even if you have a newer or more efficient system already, there are some other things you can do to improve your central heating system other than investing in a new boiler.

Heat recovery devices

Some of the heat from your boiler is escaping from the flue. A device called a “passive flue gas heat recovery system” is used to capture some of this lost energy. The heat that is captured is then used to heat your water.

Hot water cylinders

Newer water cylinders have insulation to keep hot water at the optimum temperature. If you have an older hot water cylinder, then you could save £25 to £35 per year by improving the insulation.

Chemical inhibitors

Corrosion deposits in central heating systems cause a reduction in the effectiveness of your radiators. Using a special chemical inhibitor decreases the rate of corrosion and also has the effect of preventing the build-up of sludge in the future.

L&W Heating & Plumbing Can Help Improve Your Central Heating System 

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