Annual Boiler Service

Fact: Carbon monoxide is the SILENT KILLER and is caused by faulty or poorly maintained appliances.

Having annual boiler service should be as important as having an MOT on your car.  To ensure the safety and efficiency of your appliance it is essential that your gas appliances are serviced & inspected annually.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much is a Boiler Service?

    An annual boiler service costs £70 + VAT = £84

  • Do you cover my area?

    The above price applies to the following areas:


    St Helens






    Leigh and other surrounding areas

    If you haven’t seen your area on the list please call us or send us an enquiry via the website – our plumbers Warrington will be happy to help.

  • How long does an annual boiler service take?

    Approximately 40-60 minutes dependent on boiler

  • What appliances do you service?

    Boilers and Back Boiler Units

  • Which brands do you service?

    L&W’s engineers are able to carry out services on all brands of boilers.

  • Does a newly fitted boiler need servicing?

    All manufacturers insist on a boiler service to be carried out annually as part of their terms and conditions for the Warranty.  However, after this period it is still advised that you have your boiler serviced annually to maintain the boiler.  A regularly maintained boiler is more likely to last longer than a non-maintained boiler.

  • Do you provide any documentation?

    Yes, upon receipt of payment we will send a copy of the Gas Safety Record, which details any appliances that have been serviced.  If any issues have been identified they will be documented on the Safety record.

  • If I have a fault with my boiler will a service fix it?

    Unfortunately, it’s very rare that a boiler service will fix a fault.  If you’re experiencing problems with your boiler please call us on 01925 394260 and book an appointment for a gas safe registered engineer to visit your property to diagnose the fault.

  • Will you provide an estimate if you find a fault?

    If a fault/safety defect is identified whilst carrying out the boiler service the engineer will inform you and make sure it’s documented on the gas safety record for future reference.  Although rare, your boiler may have to be condemned due to a fault, L&W will always keep the customer’s safety in mind, we’d never leave a customer at risk and we will act quickly in order to remedy this issue.  A written estimate will be sent to you if the issue is unable to be resolved at the time of the service for your consideration.

  • Will I be charged if you can’t service my boiler due to a fault?

    Although this is a rare occurrence there may be occasions where the boiler can’t be serviced (for example due to a defect), as this cannot be foreseen L&W have to provide a charge of £70 +VAT, an estimate will also be provided.  If however you decide to go ahead with the repair you will not be charged again for the boiler service this will be carried out upon completion of the repair.

  • Will I receive an invoice?

    An invoice will be sent out via email, text message or post.

  • How do I pay?

    Payments can be made over via bank transfer & cheque, online payment link via Sumup and On site card reader.  All details are provided with the invoice.

  • Will you remind me when my service is due next year?

    If you consent, we will contact you the following year either by Email, Telephone, Text or Letter to remind you that your service is due.

Have you had an annual boiler service this year?

If the answer is no, call us on 01925 394260 call our Warrington plumbers today to book a suitable appointment, let L&W’s gas safe registered Warrington central heating engineers provide you with that peace of mind that your gas appliances are running as efficiently and safely as the possibly can.

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