System Flush Out

  • Noisy boiler (kettling)
  • Noisy system
  • Cold spots on radiators (even after venting)
  • Having to vent radiators regularly
  • Black dirty water when venting regularly
  • Replacing pump or components regularly
Above are classic symptoms of problems with the efficiency of your system. Solutions:
  • Identify the cause of sludge build up (poor design/maintenance)
  • Complete Power Flush
What is a Power Flush? Using our flushing machine we will connect to your heating system to enable cleansing chemicals and water to flow at a high velocity but at a low pressure rate to minimise any damage to your system Benefits:
  • More efficient & quieter system
  • Warmer home
  • Prolong the system life – protect your investment / minimise the risk of replacing components
  • Reduced heating costs
Added Value – Why not add a system filter at the time of your power flush for a low cost of £130 inc VAT. This product gives you added protection by the means of magnetic technology, these filters will collect any debris or metal particles in the system which will allow you or the service engineer to release from your heating system by a quick release valve located at the base of the filter.
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