Why Is The Hot Water From My Combi Boiler Cloudy?

Why Is The Hot Water From My Combi Boiler Cloudy

Have you got a problem with cloudy water? If you have a combi boiler in your home, then this could be the reason why. But, why is the hot water from your combi boiler cloudy?

Why is the hot water from my combi boiler cloudy?

The water that comes out of combi boilers is heated directly from the mains cold water supply. The only time that the water is released into the atmosphere is when it is emitted from the tap. What this means in practice is that while it is being heated up inside the boiler, the calcium bicarbonate that is naturally present in the water changes into calcium carbonate – the same material as blackboard chalk. This chemical reaction releases Carbon Dioxide. If you were to look at the water close up, you would see millions and millions of tiny CO2 bubbles. This is what gives it a cloudy appearance. It is not sediment, but in fact, it is merely cosmetic.

What can I do about cloudy water?

If you were to run some of your hot water into a glass and leave it to cool down, you would usually find that it slowly clears. This phenomenon of cloudy water is most commonly seen in areas that have hard water and also from boiler models which have slower flow rates and therefore take longer to heat water than more modern or more efficient boilers. If the water does not clear, or you wish to discuss it with a professional then call us at L&W Heating and Plumbing. We can advise you if a boiler service or replacement might solve the problem or if there is nothing to worry about.

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