My Heating System Is Constantly Losing Pressure – What Should I Do?

Heating System Is Constantly Losing Pressure

If you find that your heating system is constantly losing pressure, then you could try some of the following tips to try to establish the cause before contacting a professional Gas Safe registered plumber to take a look at it.

My heating system is constantly losing pressure – what should I do?

The first thing to try is to check all of the visible joints in your pipework for signs of obvious leakage. This includes radiator valves and any exposed pipe connections. You may find either a damp patch on or near the joint or sometimes you will see some green or rust coloured residue that will show you where water has been allowed to settle.

You also need to think about any potential leaks under the floor. This is not so easy, although you may see some brown, discoloured patches underneath the site of any leaking pipework on the upper floors by checking the ceilings below them.

Another area to check is whether any water is being discharged from the pressure relief valve. This valve is sometimes referred to as the overflow and can usually be found on the outside wall behind your boiler. Check it for any for signs of leakage or dripping. If it or the wall beneath it is wet, then this may be a sign that the pressure relief valve has developed a fault.

Whatever you find, if your heating system continues to lose pressure, then you should contact a reliable Gas Safe registered heating engineer to take a look and advise you on how to repair the fault.

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