Boiler Installation Newton Le Willows

Boiler Installation Newton Le WillowsYour local plumbers Newton Le Willows can offer a range of services including combi boiler installation Newton Le Willows in your Newton Le Willows or Warrington home. Don’t leave it till winter arrives to service your boiler, and don’t skip regular maintenance and hope it does not break down. If your boiler is getting older then it might be time for you to replace it with a more modern, more energy efficient model which will reduce the costs of heating your home and reduce those rising gas bills. Unlike traditional boilers, a combi boiler does not require a bulky hot water storage cylinder, and so it takes up a lot less space. What is more, your Newton Le Willows or Warrington combi boiler installation will be able to provide you with hot water on demand, so you no longer have to waste time and energy waiting for a cylinder full of water to slowly heat, and you will not run out of water halfway through running a bath!

NO.1 Combi Boiler Installation Newton Le Willows

You might not have realised it, but an older, non-condensing boiler can be as much as 12% less efficient than a new combi boiler, and because there is less pipework there is a lower chance of problems with leaks around the area. To extend the life of your boiler you are advised that boiler servicing Newton should be an annual process, this is also something that L & W can see to with our automatic servicing reminder so you never miss one.

Heating engineers Newton le Willows

L&W Heating and Plumbing have experienced Newton Le Willows Plumbers and heating engineers every one of whom is fully committed to providing the absolute highest level service to all of our customers. Our technicians are all skilled and experienced, fully Gas Safe qualified and they regularly keep up to date with developments in the Newton Le Willows and Warrington gas installation industry. Don’t hesitate, call us now and let us take care of your heating and plumbing needs before it’s too late.
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