Why Are My Radiators Warm When the Heating is Off

Why Are My Radiators Warm When the Heating is Off?

Heating problems bring to mind broken-down boilers in a freezing winter. But what if the opposite happens and you can’t turn the heating off? So why are my radiators warm when the heating is off? Read our guide to find out more…

Why Are My Radiators Warm When the Heating is Off?

What causes hot radiators when the heating is off? It normally is one of these two common reasons:

Stuck diverter/ zone valve

A faulty diverter valve is a common issue.

What is a Diverter Valve?

The diverter valves’ job is to divert water to the radiators or hot water cylinder or taps. It opens and closes to determine where water goes.

What is a zone valve?

A zone valve is electrically operated and it allows the flow of water to a specific area of your property. The zone valve is under the control of your thermostat and usually found on larger heating systems. Zone valves allow you to have more flexibility as they let you break up your heating system into a number of different zones.

How diverter/Zone valves get stuck

If it is the middle of winter, and so you need to have a flow of hot water to both your hot water taps so you can run a bath for the kids but you also ned to have your radiators on so they are warm when they are changing into their pyjamas, then your diverter valve will be sit in a ‘mid’ position that allows a flow of hot water to both the central heating and the hot water taps.

The same goes for zone valves. As they are continually opening and closing as your needs change during the day and night, sometimes they get stuck, get damaged, or they simply get blocked up with debris.

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