How to Fix Radiators

How to Fix Radiators

This ‘how to fix radiators’ guide will assist you in solving some common radiator problems, to get them heating properly in no time.

How to Fix Radiators  

Have you found that your radiators aren’t heating properly? There could be a simple fix like bleeding them or adjusting thermostat valves.

How to check that the boiler is working properly

The first thing you can do is check for bigger problems. If no radiators heat up, rather than just one, there may be something wrong with the boiler itself.

How to check that the timer or programmer is working

Radiator problems can be down to a faulty thermostat or programmer. Check the thermostat is turned up and the timer settings are accurate. A power cut or clock change may lead to incorrect settings.

How to check that the radiator valve is opened

Many radiators have valves with temperature gauges. Check the valves are open by turning their knobs anticlockwise and back.

How to fix the lock shield valve

Located at the other end of the radiator, the lock shield valve controls the amount of hot water that flows into the radiator. To let more hot water pass through, they may need adjusting. It’s possible to do this yourself, but you need a valve adjuster or spanner –so it is best left to a heating engineer.

How to fix blocked valves

Magnetite can build up inside your radiators, leading to the system needing a flush. Our Gas Safe registered engineers can conduct a professional Powerflush to restore your heating’s efficiency.

How to bleed air pockets in radiators

Air can get trapped in radiators and cause cold spots. Bleeding the radiator should be enough to tackle the issue.

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