How to Prepare for a Cold Weather Snap

How to Prepare for a Cold Weather Snap

Keep yourself, your family and your home warm this winter. Find out how to keep warmth in and what to do if an extreme cold weather snap affects your heating.

How to Prepare for a Cold Weather Snap

Here are some top tips:

1. Keep the heat in

Most of us spend much more time at home in winter, so we spend more on energy. Try these energy-saving tips:

  • Draught proofing. By blocking gaps you prevent heat from escaping and keep cold air out. This prevents heat loss and keeps your home warm.
  • Keep heat in. Closing the blinds or curtains in the evening stops heat loss by up to 17% as air is trapped between curtains and the windows.
  • It isn’t an instant fix but it is a good long-term investment to waste less heat, and save money on energy bills.

2. Heat yourself not the room

If you’re really cold, even though the heating is on, try some additional methods.

  • An electric blanket typically costs between £25-50 to purchase but uses as little as 3p an hour of electricity.
  • Other methods such as footwarmers or hot water bottles are cheaper ways of taking the edge off of the cold.
  • Layer up with thermal base layers as a cost-effective way of keeping yourself warm.

4. Look after your boiler

You should always get your boiler serviced ever year by a Gas Safety registered plumbing and heating engineer. This way you can make sure it will be in top condition by the time the winter comes around. If you do have a problem with your boiler, you might even be able to fix it easily yourself without calling out a local plumber.

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