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What To Do If Water is Leaking Through Your Ceiling

Imagine coming downstairs in the morning to find your living room looking like a swimming pool. If water is leaking through your ceiling what would you do? Read our guide to find out more…

What To Do If Water is Leaking Through Your Ceiling

When you find water leaking from your ceiling, the most important thing you need to do first is stay calm! It’s tempting to panic but all that time water will still be leaking through the ceiling and causing damage.

First, do as much as you can to contain the leak. If water is still coming through, find a vessel to catch it in.

Next, find the mains stop cock and turn it off. It will be downstairs, usually in your kitchen. It looks like a small tap – turn it fully clockwise and it will turn off the water supply.

Try to protect the items beneath the leak. Plastic will help cover furniture – you may have a tarpaulin, shower curtain, or even an umbrella! If the water is anywhere near electrical appliances, be cautious as water may have got inside.

Even if you’re not unsure whether the electrical sockets are affected, it’s safest to turn off the mains power. Use the mains electric circuit breaker to turn off power in the affected rooms before touching any electrical appliances.

If you can work out what is causing the water leak you’ll be in a better position to resolve it.

Decide whether an insurance claim is needed. If so, call the insurance company. Take lots of pictures and videos to help them assess the claim and follow whatever steps the insurance company tells you to do.

Call for help! Even a small water leak can cause more damage that you can’t see. It is best to call in a plumbing professional to assess the damage and put it right.

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