Common Christmas Boiler Problems

Common Christmas Boiler Problems

Christmas is the time for giving, but also the least convenient time to have a problem with your boiler! When kids are flying round the house, the turkey is in the oven and the grandparents are sinking into a comfy armchair for a nap, a Christmas boiler breakdown is the last thing you need.

Common Christmas Boiler Problems

Here are some common Christmas boiler problems and how you can try and resolve them yourself.

Frozen pipes

If your boiler has a condensate pipe (most modern boilers do) to carry some of the energy and gases from by the boiler and transports the to an external drain as.  This pipe often freezes as it must run on the outside of your home, so it is at risk at low external temperatures. When the pipe freezes, it creates a blockage so the boiler eventually shuts down.

A simple method to help is to thaw the frozen pipe with some hot (not boiling) water. Pour on the lower area of the outside pipe, or apply a warm item like a hot water bottle to it.

Pressure loss

Possibly the most common boiler problem: Your boiler’s optimum pressure varies from model to model but usually should read around ‘1’.

Prolonged pressure loss needs to be investigated by a Gas Safe registered plumber: it could be a sign of a leak in the system.

Cold radiators

The most common cause of cold radiators is excessive air inside the radiator. This can be rectified by ‘bleeding’ the radiator. If you don’t have a radiator key, they’re widely available at DIY stores. You may need to increase the boiler’s pressure after a radiator bleed – that is perfectly normal!

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