Need Help In Choosing A Boiler For Your Warrington House

Things To Consider When Replacing Your Boiler

When the time finally comes for you to replace your boiler, you have to choose what type is going to be the best for you. Here are some of the factors that you may wish to consider when replacing your boiler.

Type of Fuel

For those with a mains gas supply, a gas boiler is usually the cheapest heating option. If you do not have a gas supply, then it may be worth looking into a form of lower-carbon heating like biomass.

Type of Boiler

Most older boilers use a separate hot water cylinder to store hot water. When you replace your boiler, you can choose whether to buy another regular boiler – retaining your existing hot water cylinder – or replace it with a combi-boiler. A regular boiler is more efficient at producing hot water, but some heat is lost from the cylinder. A combi can be more efficient in the long run, depending on how you use it.

Your household hot water usage

Larger families are more likely to be better off with a regular boiler. Smaller households using less water may be better off with a combi boiler.

The amount of space in your home

Because combi-boilers don’t require a separate hot water cylinder, they take up a lot less space.

Solar water heating plans

If you are planning to install solar water heating, note that many combi boilers aren’t compatible with these systems.

Why Consider Replacing Your Boiler At All?

The main advantage of a newer condensing boiler is the larger heat exchanger, which makes the gases in the flue cooler. The flue gases can be cooled to such a degree that water vapour condenses out of the gas. This can be harvested for extra energy.

Get in touch with a reputable Gas Safe registered installer – for example L&W Heating and Plumbing – for further advice on replacing your boiler.

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