Gas Fired Condensing System In A Detached Family Home

Are You Paying Too Much To Heat Your Home?

Paying too much to heat your home? Heating costs account for about 60% of the money that you spend in a year on energy bills, so investing in a new, more efficient boiler can make a big difference.

Paying Too Much To Heat Your Home? How much could I save each year?

It depends on how old and inefficient your boiler is and the type of fuel your boiler uses. The most inefficient (G rated) boilers have been superseded by more modern equivalents that are far more efficient.

Replacing your G-rated boiler could save you up to:

  • For a mid-floor flat – £95
  • For a mid-terrace house – £175
  • For a detached bungalow – £180
  • For a semi-detached house – up to £215
  • For a detached house – up to £350

Upgrading an old gas boiler with a new A-rated condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) could save the average semi-detached house owner as much as £215 a year. Savings vary based on the size and thermal properties of your home and are based on fuel prices in March 2016.

The up-front costs for replacing your boiler will vary, but a basic gas boiler replacement plus installation of thermostatic radiator valves will cost about £2,500 plus the cost of radiators.

What else can I do to improve my central heating system?

Heat recovery devices

Some of the heat from your boiler escapes from the flue. A passive flue gas heat recovery system can capture some of this lost energy and reuse it to heat water.

Hot water cylinders

New hot water cylinders are insulated to keep your hot water at the right temperature for longer. It is important that they are well insulated to prevent heat escaping. If you have an older cylinder, you could save £25 or more a year just by topping up the insulation.

Chemical inhibitors

Corrosion deposits in a central heating system cause a substantial reduction in the effectiveness of radiators. Build-ups of scale on boiler components reduce efficiency too. Using a chemical inhibitor decreases the rate of corrosion and prevents the build-up of sludge.

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