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Is Your Boiler Efficient?

You have probably been thinking is your boiler efficient… Well, the simple answer is that modern boilers are more efficient than older ones for some reasons. The main advantage of newer models is that they are condensing boilers. Well-maintained boilers will all burn fuel very efficiently, but all will inevitably lose some heat through the hot gases that escape from the flue. A condensing boiler is fitted with a larger heat exchanger. The heat exchanger makes the boiler recover more heat, makes the gases up the flue cooler and is generally more efficient.

Sometimes the flue gases cool so much that the water vapour in the gas condenses (which is how they get their name), and so even more energy can be recovered from the condensing vapour. If your boiler is more than ten years old, then you might be able to make big savings by replacing it with a more efficient A rated model. Contact a reputable Gas Safe registered installers like L&W Heating and Plumbing for advice on what savings you might be able to make and the costs of replacement.

Finding an installer

If you choose to have a new gas or LPG-fuelled boiler installed, then the installer must be Gas Safe registered. You can find a full list of the registered installers in the UK on the Gas Safe Register.

It’s worth getting three quotes from at least three different installers, and you may also want to check that:

  • They have a local office
  • They have been in business in the local area for several years
  • They have independent customer references that you can review.

Your registered installer will need to make sure that your system is fully compliant with all of the latest building regulations, and they need to provide you with the documentation to prove this. When you get them, keep the documents safe as you will need them if you sell your home in the future.

LW Heating Engineers Can Answer The Question Is Your Boiler Efficient?

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