Trusting Brits Putting Families In Danger

Trusting Brits Putting Families In Danger

Brits putting families in danger is increasing because they are too trusting of tradesmen. New research by the Gas Safe Register suggests that some employ workmen based on their appearance and behaviour instead of their qualifications and skills.

Brits Putting Families In Danger

The majority of people admitted they are generally very trusting of people, and when it comes to deciding who to trust, they look for politeness, eye contact, confidence, good clothing and a nice smile. A quarter of people admitted they decide whether someone is trustworthy within five minutes of first meeting them.

The alarming figures are of great concern as millions of people may be letting rogue tradesmen into their homes. They may well be putting their families’ lives at risk.

Although 70% of people claimed to always ask for an ID card, Gas Safe Register’s data revealed that when it comes to gas work only a third of people actually check that their engineer is qualified, safe and legal.

In the last three years, more than 20 people have died and almost 1,000 people injured because of gas-related incidents such as carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks and fires. Gas Safe Register estimate that up to 250,000 illegal jobs are completed every year by fitters without the correct qualifications.

Gas Safe Register – the official register of qualified gas engineers in the UK –has launched a new safety campaign: “Trust the Triangle”. It is designed to remind the public that the only way to be sure you have employed a trustworthy gas engineer is to check they are registered with Gas Safe and that they have a Gas Safe ID card with the triangle logo.

Jonathan Samuel, chief executive of Gas Safe Register, said: “In the right hands gas is safe, but in the wrong hands, badly fitted or poorly serviced gas appliances can be deadly. They can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and CO poisoning. We are urging people to trust the triangle. Look for the Gas Safe Register logo on your gas engineer’s ID card.”

L&W Stopping Brits Putting Families In Danger

One of the best ways to stop Brits putting families in danger is to ensure that all your gas appliances in the home are serviced regularly – we recommend at least once every year. For more info contact our team at L&W Heating and Plumbing on one of the regional numbers below:- 

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