Should I Have My Heating System Treated Or Cleansed?

Heating System Treated

You may have read about or been told by a heating engineer that your central heating system needs to have a clean or some treatment has to be added to the water to protect it. What does this mean and should you have your heating system treated or cleansed?

Should I have my heating system treated or cleansed?

It is thoroughly recommended as good practice in the heating industry for a heating system to be cleansed as part of the installation process. These recommendations are contained within British Standard BS7593, and they should be followed by your installer, whilst also paying careful attention to any special notes within the specific boiler model’s installation and servicing instructions. They are there for your safety and to maximise the life span of the central heating system. It is false economy to miss out this part of the process, akin to skipping services for your car.

It is also best practice to clean out an existing heating system before installing the new boiler. This is so that any dirt or detritus that is circulating within the system does not immediately begin to clog up your brand new boiler where it could harm its efficiency or shorten its potential lifespan. After a new boiler has been installed, then the heating system should be cleansed again to make sure that no debris was introduced during the work. It should then be refilled with a product called “inhibitor”. Your chosen Gas Safe registered boiler installer should be fully conversant with all of the current standards and regulations relating to this important area of boiler installation.

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