No Power In Your Boiler?

No Power In Your Boiler

If your boiler is not working, then one of the first tests you can do yourself before calling out a professional is to make sure that there is power going to the boiler. The obvious symptom of a boiler without power is that the lights on the front are not illuminated. Read our no power in your boiler article for more help and advice…

No Power In Your Boiler?

If your boiler is not firing up, or the central heating timer is not working, then the first place you can check is your fuse box or consumer unit. In most cases, the problem will have been caused by a blown fuse or tripped RCD and so you can just flick a switch to get your boiler back on. Some boilers have their own internal circuit breaker that can be found somewhere in the room near where the boiler is located.

Most boilers are installed with built-in safety devices because water and electricity do not mix. If any of these safety devices in the chain between the fuse board and boiler are tripped, then simply resetting them may get the whole system back up and working again. If the switch immediately trips again when you turn the system back on then it is time to call a gas safe registered plumber to take a look at the system in the interests of you and your family’s safety.

If you have a remote-controlled timer or a room thermostat, then it can sometimes run out of battery and stop sending temperature signals to the boiler. Check the batteries.

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