Boiler Controls Not Working?

Boiler Controls Not Working

Boilers are designed to distribute heat and hot water. If you find your boiler controls not working correctly it could increase your fuel bills and make your home too hot or cold. Read our ‘boiler controls not working’ article to find out more…

Boiler Controls Not Working?

If your controls stop working, here is what to check.


Thermostats are often located in the hallway and have either an analogue or digital display. If your thermostat is old, it may have lost accuracy. If so, ask your heating engineer to install a new one.

Programmers and time switches

Hot water and heating is controlled by the timer switches on your boiler. Ensure the correct times are set, and that the clock dial isn’t stuck.

Radiator Valve

To check that a radiator valve is working, you’ll need to be sure which type it is:

  • Thermostatic radiator valve

A thermostatic radiator valve regulates the temperature of the radiator, so you can adjust it to a higher or lower temperature. Turn it on and off during summer, so it does not stick shut.

  • Wheel head valve

A wheel head radiator valve simply turns the radiator on or off. Twist anti-clockwise to turn it on, clockwise to turn it off.

  • Lockshield valve

After your central heating was installed, the installer balances the system to ensure the radiators heat up at the same time. Once done, a cap is fitted over the radiator valve called a lockshield valve.

If you a radiator takes longer to heat up than the others it may need more flow through the lockshield. Turn your central heating boiler on, remove the plastic cap and use a spanner to open (turn anticlockwise) the valve half a turn at a time until the radiator heats at the same speed as others. This may take some time but do not rush. The valve may not have been adjusted for some time, so have a cloth ready in case it leaks if this happens turn it off completely (turn clockwise) and call your plumber.

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