Seven Steps to Avoid a Boiler Breakdown

Seven Steps to Avoid a Boiler Breakdown

It’s essential to know the signs of when your boiler may need attention, so it does not break down at the first sign of chilly weather. Here are our seven steps to avoid a boiler breakdown…

Seven Steps to Avoid a Boiler Breakdown

Here are seven top tips to tell you when it is time to book an engineer to look at your boiler.

Your radiators aren’t working properly

If you’ve tried bleeding your radiators and they still have cold spots, your boiler might need attention.

There are signs of leakage around your boiler

Water by your boiler is a tell-tale sign it is about to break down. Also, keep an eye out for signs of leakage from its feeder pipes.

Sooty black marks

Sooty black marks indicate the beginning of a serious problem which can be highly dangerous if untreated. If you have them on your boiler, it is heading for a breakdown so call a Gas Safe registered engineer immediately.

The pilot light looks different

If you can usually see the pilot light in your boiler, check it’s burning blue. If the flame is elongated or is a different colour –yellow or orange –call an engineer immediately.

Funny noises

A healthy boiler shouldn’t be making ticking, whistling, clanking or humming noises.

Loss of hot water

If the water is cooler than usual – or completely cold – It indicates a problem with your boiler, as it is failing to do its main job!

The thermostat isn’t working

Thermostats are often found in the hallway, and they are there to control the central heating. If the controls don’t work – perhaps it’s old and has lost accuracy – get it checked out or ask an engineer to install a new one.

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