Repair The Boiler Or Replace The Boiler…

Repair The Boiler Or Replace The Boiler

We’re often asked if our engineers will carry out repairs on boilers that are out of guarantee or if they will only recommend a replacement.  Our first response is to try and repair the boiler rather than replace the boiler unless the customer specifically asks or the boiler is beyond economical repair.

Although our engineers will advise and provide knowledge allowing the customer to make an informed decision, it is ultimately the customer’s choice. Read our ‘Repair The Boiler or Replace The Boiler’ case study below and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 01925 394260.


One of our regular customers recently contacted the office due to a problem with their boiler that is now out of guarantee.

In this scenario, the customer’s dilemma was whether to continue repairing or replace the boiler.  The customer has previously chosen to have the minor faults repaired to extend the life of the boiler.  However, on the most recent visit, the customer decided to explore the route of a new boiler installation.


  • Baxi BoilerWe visited the property again to investigate the broken boiler.
  • The customer decided to take on board the past repairs and the engineer’s previous advice and made the decision to go ahead with a boiler replacement.
  • As per the customer’s instructions the engineer carried out the boiler survey on the same appointment.
  • The estimate was sent to the customer the following day and agreed.
  • As the customer was without heat the engineer attended an emergency Saturday installation.

Customer’s choice:

The Customer opted for a Baxi Heat only boiler that fitted neatly into the cupboard where the previous boiler was located.


  • The customer has an A-Rated boiler and now has the peace of mind with a 7-year manufacturer guarantee.
  • All the customer has to do now is ensure they have their boiler serviced each year to comply with the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.
  • Our customer can now be confident that the boiler will see them through many winters in the future.


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