How Could The Mains Water Pressure Affect My Combi Boiler?

How Could The Mains Water Pressure Affect My Combi Boiler

Have you ever wondered about the effect that the mains water pressure has on your central heating boiler? It matters more than you might think, as the ability of your boiler to produce a steady stream of water depends on it being fed with water at sufficient pressure.

How could the mains water pressure affect my combi boiler?

For cold-mains-fed combi boilers, it is really important to make sure before or at the time of installation that the pressure at the water main is sufficient to deliver an adequate amount of water to the boiler. This should also be measured whilst other cold outlets are being used (for example by flushing the toilet, having the washing machine filling up or two or more cold taps being run). If the pressure of the water main is not sufficient, then the boiler may be starved of cold water when more than one outlet is being used at the same time. This can be remedied or minimise by your installer giving the boiler priority over the other outlets, by connecting it as the first draw from the mains pipe.

What affects the performance of my boiler?

The performance of a mains fed hot water system is dependent on the mains supply being able to supply water at an adequate pressure and flow rate. The flow rate must be sufficient to supply both hot and cold water at the same time. Whilst there may be sufficient pressure, the flow rate is also dependant on the incoming main. Pressure and flow are different, and the dynamic pressure will always be less than the static water pressure.

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