How Often Should I Have To Top Up The Pressure In My Heating System?

How Often Should I Have To Top Up The Pressure In My Heating System

Every central heating system has a pressure gauge somewhere near or on the boiler to show the pressure within the heating system. Occasionally this will need to be topped up, usually after you have bled the radiators. But what if your boiler keeps losing pressure? How much pressure loss is normal and when is it time to call out a professional Gas Safe Registered heating engineer to come out to take a look at the system?

How often should I have to top up the pressure in my heating system?

When your heating system is cold, the residual pressure should be somewhere between 1 and 1.5 bar. This is usually shown by the pressure gauge indicator needle being in a green section. If the pressure has fallen to below 0.5 bar (often indicated by a red section), then it shows that some water has been lost out of the system and it must be replaced. The pressure in a central heating system will usually need to be topped up only once or twice a year. If you find you have to repressurise your heating system more often, contact a heating engineer.

What if the heating system pressure is too high?

You may also have a red part of the dial that indicates the pressure being too high. This will usually be at or above the 2.75 bar marking. If the pressure gauge indicates that there is high pressure as a result of the system being over filed, then you will need to bleed one of your radiators until the pressure gauge has fallen back to the safe level between 1 and 1.5 bar.

What about pressure when the heating is on?

If the pressure rises by more than 1 bar when the heating has reached its target temperature, then you may need to have your expansion vessel repressurised. This must be done by a service engineer; you cannot do it yourself.

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