Boiler Breakdown Guide

What To Do If Your Boiler Breaks Down

The first and most important thing to remember in the case of a Wigan boiler breakdown is: don’t try and fix it yourself! Instead, you should check to see if the boiler’s digital display screen is showing an error number and if it does then note it down and turn off the boiler at the switch. Then call L & W Heating for gas boiler repairs Wigan, explain the problem – in detail – and provide the error number if you have one. We will ensure one of our Wigan Plumbers attends as soon as possible to rectify the problem.

Gas Boiler Repairs Wigan is Easy Once You’ve Identified The Problem

Gas Boiler Repairs Wigan

If your Wigan boiler was installed by L & W Heating and is under warranty then  we will see to it that all is sorted in a timely fashion. It is very rare to have problems with newer more modern boilers as the technology has moved forward greatly, you will also find that plumbers Wigan are much better trained than they used to be.

If your Wigan boiler is out of warranty

If your Wigan boiler is out of warranty, then arranging a repair appointment with maintenance engineers should be easy but remember: you should only ever use Gas Safe Registered engineers. If your Wigan boiler is old then you should consider replacing it as getting parts for the repair can be quite expensive. A lot of new boilers come with 5 year warranty deals from the manufacturers which ensure there will be no repair bills for half a decade – and that could well be cheaper than repeatedly repairing your old Wigan boiler.

Take precautions

Finally, make sure you always have your annual boiler servicing Wigan undertaken when it should be, as that will identify a lot of potential issues before it breaks down.

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