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What Is A Modulating Room Controller

A modulating room controller is an add on that may be offered as part of a new boiler installation Warrington. It all sounds rather technical, doesn’t it: so what does it actually do? Let us try to explain for you:

Why Have a Modulating Room Controller?

Modulating Room Controller In the mid 1980s, German engineers realised that people were leaving windows left open in order to try to cool buildings down. This, of course, is a waste of energy as it lets out all the heat that has been generated. It turned out that in these buildings, the boilers were kept running at high temperatures in order to heat the hot water – even in summer when the heat was escaping outside. The engineers discovered that the solution was to install a sensor on outside walls to tell the boiler to run cooler when it was warm outside, and warmer when it was cool outside. Our Warrington Plumbers will explain to you how this allows for the boiler to be run continuously – which is actually more energy efficient and reduces stress of the system that can cause it to fail – but the temperature is altered (or modulated) accordingly. Instead of an outdoor sensor, the sensor is within the room itself, and it uses a constant lower temperature to trickle heat your room instead of heating it up and then you cooling it down in a cycle which means that a vast amount more air has to be heated for a comfortable temperature. With a modulating room controller, you do not wait until you get too cold before turning the heating up, but keep the system running for longer at a lower temperature to prevent uncomfortable temperature swings that can cause you to turn up the thermostat. A constant, stable, lower temperature uses less energy than turning the heating on and off repeatedly and can cut your fuel bills massively. All the best plumbers Warrington will ensure your system is optimised in this way for clients.
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