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Most Common Newton Le Willows Boiler Repair Callouts

Here at L&W Heating & Plumbing, we know all of the most common Newton Le Willows Boiler Repair problems and just how frustrating a boiler failure can be for our clients. Some Newton Le Willows Boiler Repairs are more common than others, and so we have designed this simple guide to show you some of the common signs and symptoms of Newton Le Willows boiler faults, so you know when it is time to call on a professional. If a Newton Le Willows boiler repair is not economically viable, we can also provide you with a boiler replacement at a very competitive price. We do not charge a call out fee – but if you only use our diagnostic service then we will charge a Newton Le Willows Plumbers hourly rate for doing so.

Diverter Valve

Newton le Willows Boiler Repair ProblemsThe diverter valve is the part of a gas combi boiler that chooses whether it heats your radiators or hot water is just one of the common Newton Le Willows boiler repair problems. If it fails, you will often find that running the taps results in lukewarm water coming out but your radiators get extremely hot!


The boiler’s pump circulates water around the system so if it fails none of your radiators will heat up. Don’t worry, we can usually get it going again for you or replace it entirely without much disruption.


A clogged filter can make your entire central heating system pack up. We would usually sort this out for you in your annual boiler service but we can quickly clean it and replace if necessary.

L&W Heating and Plumbing Newton Le Willows Boiler Repair

When you are on the look out for a boiler replacement in Newton Le Willows or a Newton Le Willows boiler repair then all you have to do is call L&W Heating and Plumbing, plumbers Newton le Willows. Some of the other services we offer include new shower installations; bathroom design and renovations; annual boiler service and more. Contact us for more details.
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