Do you need a powerflush

Do You Need A Powerflush?

Are you experiencing some of these problems within your heating system?

  • Radiators not getting as hot as they used to
  • Cold spots on your radiators
  • More or frequent repairs being carried out on your heating systems i.e. leaking radiator valves, leaking pumps, leaking radiators, failing motorised valves
  • Costing more to run your central heating

Unfortunately, this list is not exhaustive – above are a few common issues indicating your boiler may need a powerflush.

Do You Need A Powerflush?

Do You Need A Powerflush

Flushing dirty water out of the heating system

It’s extremely important that the water within your heating system is the best that it can be because if it is not correctly maintained it can cause serious & costly issues even to a point where new boilers or full central heating systems are required.

If you are unsure if a powerflush is the right route for you – we do offer a service whereby an engineer will take a water sample of the heating system and send it to an independent laboratory for analysis.  A comprehensive, detailed report will then be returned.  This will either suggest everything is ok within the system or propose recommendations.

In some circumstances it can be plainly obvious that the heating system is in a poor state of repair.  For example badly leaking radiator valves, evidence of black sludge, cold spots on radiators when the heating system is turned on or banging pipes due to poor circulation.  More often that not, the above is sadly the case.  A power flush is then carried out.

For those who aren’t aware of the process of a power flush:

The engineer will determine the best way to carry out the power flush, this will be either by connecting the pipes on via a radiator, filter or pump connection.  They will then add a suitable cleaning solution to the heating system and run the boiler, if applicable for a number of hours.   In the meantime, all radiators will be turned on fully and will be regularly checked.  Extra attention will be given to any radiators that have been identified by the customer as not/poorly working.

Each radiator is individually cleaned.  If you have a header tank installed this will also be cleaned.  Another stage during the cleaning process we may even suggest the use of a radiator agitator this process vibrates the radiator panel in order to assist in the removal of sludge within the radiator. 

After all radiators have been cleaned – the radiators are checked to ensure they are working correctly to the customer satisfaction.  We can also use our thermal imaging camera if needed to check the radiators have no cold spots.  The thermal imaging camera can also be used on the initial survey to check for cold spots.

Inhibitor is added to the system as a protector.

*During the process, it is important to mention that radiators or valves can start to leak due to the movement of debris – these do need to be replaced after the flush out has been completed.

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