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Lower the Flow Temperature on your Combi Boiler

By making a small flow temperature change to your boiler, you can reduce gas usage by up to 9% and save money while keeping your home warm.

Lower the Flow Temperature on your Combi Boiler

What is flow temperature and how can it reduce energy usage? Heating flow temperature handles the temperature your boiler heats its water up to before it sends it off to the radiators.

When the boiler is installed, temperature is usually set around 70°C-80°C. This is often too high. At a lower temperature, the combi boiler works in condensing mode more often so it captures more heat and recycles it back into the system. Lower temperatures mean a more efficient combi boiler that uses less gas to heat your home to the same temperature: saving you money and cutting your carbon footprint.

Do I have the right kind of boiler to reduce my flow temperature?

To change heating flow temperature, you must have a condensing combi boiler. If you have a system boiler or use a hot water cylinder, don’t change your temperature yourself. A qualified professional must check first to make sure your system is safe.

What flow temperature is best?

The lower the temperature the longer it takes to heat your home. It will take trial and error to find the sweet spot. A temperature of 60°C is a good starting point; a bit lower if you have a particularly well insulated home.

How do I set the flow temperature on my combi boiler?

You can control the temperature directly on the boiler itself. It doesn’t take long and can be changed back to the original setting at any time. If you’re unsure, check your combi boiler’s user manual or seek the advice of a qualified and competent Gas Safe registered professional.

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