The Water From My Boiler Is Too Hot!

Annual Boiler Service Wigan

They call it the silent killer: deadly Carbon Monoxide gas. It is completely odourless and invisible to the human eye, but can quickly kill while you sleep. Carbon Monoxide can come from leaks in faulty or improperly maintained gas central heating systems and appliances. It’s not worth putting your loved ones at risk when you can plan in an annual boiler service Wigan in the summer, and not waiting for faults to appear.

Have You had Your  Annual Boiler Service Wigan?

Annual Boiler Service WiganEach of the gas appliances that you have in your home should be serviced and inspected annually.  The price of peace of mind is often as affordable as £55 including VAT, which even includes the cost of providing you with an official gas safety certificate. In the course of the Wigan Plumber boiler inspection, our gas safe qualified engineer:
  • Tests your boiler’s pressure
  • Checks for unsafe emissions at the flue
  • Tests every boiler control
  • Visually inspects your boiler’s condition
  • Tells you straight away if he has any concerns
  • Gives you a CP12 gas safety inspection certificate

Don’t Delay – Book a Wigan Boiler Service Today

If your boiler has been unused during the summer months, then come September it might fail – and most problems that will cause a breakdown can be identified and rectified during your service. Trying to book repairs from qualified plumbers Wigan in the winter takes longer, and it can be inconvenient having to wait for parts. Your serviced Wigan boiler will be more efficient – and that saves you money on fuel bills.

L&W Heating and Plumbing Wigan Boiler Technicians

To arrange for your annual gas boiler servicing Wigan and domestic or landlords gas safety checks Wigan, all you have to do is call L&W Heating and Plumbing 01942 417220. A member of staff will make you an appointment when you are available. Afterwards, we will keep your details and send an annual reminder.
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