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Expert Tips For Looking After Your Plumbing

We can’t all be good at everything so having some expert tips for looking after your plumbing provided by professional Newton-le-Willows plumbers could come in very handy top avoid mishaps or prevent things getting worse if you do have a mishap.

LW Heating Expert Tips for Looking After Your Plumbing

Know Where Your Stopcock is Located

Expert Tips for Looking After Your PlumbingIf you do not know where your stopcock is, ask your plumbers Newton to point it out. The first action to take when you discover a leak is to use the stopcock to turn off the water supply to the house.

Take Care of Your Stopcock

Once a year, shut off your stopcock and then open it again, to make sure it works. It is a good idea to open it fully, but then turn it back a quarter turn so that it does not get jammed in the open position.

Look After Your Boiler

Turning the central heating systems on for a few minutes a month – even in the summer months – helps to keep the valves from getting stuck and reduces the risk of the heating failing at the first time of asking when winter comes. Boiler servicing Newton should be an annual occurance.

Take Care of Your Radiators

Your radiator valves can jam if they are constantly left in the same position due to sludge build up – every now and again you should alter the temperature of your radiators to avoid this.

Check Your Isolation Valves

Washing machines and taps have small valves called isolation valves on the pipes that feed them. They have a small red or blue lever, or a screwdriver slot. If the handle or slot is lined up with the pipe it is open, if it crosses the pipe it is closed. Turn them off and on again periodically in case they have jammed.

Check Pipe Lagging

If you have foam insulation, or lagging, on any pipes, check the condition – especially if they are located against an outside wall and at risk of freezing. It can be worth paying a Which? Trusted Trader plumber to come and check out your entire system to reduce the risk of expensive or damaging failures in the future.
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