Why Should I Consider Replacing My Homes Boiler

Annual Boiler Service Warrington

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer, and the difficult to detect and lethal gas can be emitted from gas appliances that are faulty or have not been properly maintained. Carbon Monoxide is invisible an odourless, so don’t put your family at risk – get your annual boiler service Warrington done this summer and avoid not being able to book plumbers Warrington later in the year.

Have You had Your Annual Boiler Service Warrington?

Annual Boiler Service WarringtonEvery gas appliance in your home should be serviced and inspected on a regular basis – at least once every year. You can get this peace of mind from as little as £55 including VAT and ensure that you have a gas safety certificate for your boiler. Our gas safe qualified engineers will:
  • Check the boiler pressure
  • Test the emissions from the flue
  • Inspect and test all boiler controls to make sure they all work correctly
  • Visually inspection your boiler
  • Report any concerns to you straight away
  • Issue a CP12 gas safety inspection certificate

Don’t Delay – Book a Warrington Annual Boiler Service Today

It’s no good waiting until September when the weather starts to turn – by then you will be relying on your boiler to provide heat for your Warrington home, and it will be likely that you will have to wait longer for a Warrington plumber to attend to any repairs. A well-maintained gas appliance will also be more efficient – and that could save you money on your utility bills. Your annual central heating system or boiler service could even pay for itself with the savings you make.

L&W Heating and Plumbing Warrington Boiler Technicians

To book your annual gas boiler servicing Warrington, simply call our office. Our friendly team will make an appointment to suit you. Once the service is done, we will enter your details into our database so an annual reminder can be automatically sent to you.
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