Wigan Boiler Service Avoids A Christmas Breakdown

Wigan Boiler Service Avoids A Christmas Breakdown

A Christmas heating breakdown is many peoples’ worst nightmare so to reduce your risk book a Wigan Boiler Service well in advance. Each gas appliance in your home should be maintained and inspected annually.  To find a Gas-Safe accredited plumber look out for the Which? Trusted Traders scheme – L&W Plumbing and Heating are proud to be part of this.

In an annual Wigan boiler service and safety inspection, our Gas Safe qualified engineer will:

  • Tests the boiler pressure
  • Checks for unsafe emissions at the flue
  • Tests the boiler controls
  • Visually inspects the boiler’s condition
  • Issues a CP12 inspection certificate
If your boiler has been out of use during the summer, then it could break in a cold snap. Most problems that could cause a breakdown can be identified and rectified at service time. Trying to book boiler repairs at Christmas takes longer, and it can be harder to order parts. Your newly maintained Wigan boiler will be more efficient – and that will save you money on fuel bills.

Common Wigan boiler problems

Some of the Wigan central heating engineers issues you could find when your boiler is services are:

Automatic air vent

If this is at fault, you might notice dripping water or limescale building up at the vent outside.

Limescale build-up

Limescale builds up in central heating pipes is very common in hard-water areas. It can cause fluctuations in the temperature of water from your hot taps.

Blocked pressure relief valve

A failed or blocked valve can lead to constant dripping from the copper pipe located on your outside wall behind the boiler.

Pump failure

Often caused by sludge, pump failure will stop the entire system from working.

Diverter valve

When the diverter valve fails, the system will get stuck on either the hot water or central heating setting. Turning on the hot taps may make your radiators heat up, and water will be lukewarm.

Sludge build up

If your radiators are boiling hot at the top and cold at the bottom, it may be time for a Power Flush to get rid of accumulated sludge, so your radiators work more efficiently.

L&W Heating and Plumbing Wigan Boiler Service

To arrange for your annual service, all you have to do is call L&W Heating and Plumbing Wigan plumbers. A member of our plumbers Wigan team will make an appointment, and we will keep your details and send out an annual reminder.
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