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Reducing The Heating Costs Of St Helens Homes

When the temperature starts to drop outside, we want to be able to switch the heating on. But with fuel and heating bills going up every year, keeping warm can be costly. Most people spending an average of £88-£140 every month on fuel bills. Here are some tips on reducing the heating costs of St Helens Homes.

There are two ways of reducing the heating costs:

  1. Reduce the cost of your energy
  2. Reduce your consumption

To reduce the cost of energy, you can look out for the deals on the independent energy comparison websites, such as Which? Switch. Switching supplier is simple and straightforward and you should do so if you are not tied into a discount deal.

How to use less energy

Of course you could put on an extra jumper and make sure you turn off the lights when leaving the room but to really make a noticeable difference to bills, you must make your home as energy efficient as you can.

Make sure your doors and windows fit properly – Up to 12% of heat loss occurs around your doors and windows. Draft-proofing windows and doors can save you between £25 and £50 a year. Keeping the heat in means you can turn the thermostat down, which will save you a lot more.

Plug any holes in the walls where cables or pipes come in or out. These will have been sealed but the caulk that is used degrades over time and may be in need of repair. Make sure your house is effectively insulated. Many councils offer grants to help with this.

Use the sun – even when it is freezing cold outside the sun’s rays still bring a bit of heat into your home. Keep your curtains opened during the daytime, particularly on the southern side of your property. Move or cut back anything blocking the light to your windows.

Get your St Helens central heating system serviced by professional St Helens plumbers – If you have not had a boiler service St Helens in a while then your boiler may not be running efficiently. Get a heating company like L&W Heating and Plumbing plumbers St Helens to give it the once over.

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