Why You Should Not Leave Your Central Heating On All Day

Why You Should Not Leave Your Central Heating On All Day

As the country gets ready for the latest cold snap, we reveal some tips to help you keep your home warm this winter without wasting money and also reveal why you should not leave your central heating on all day…

Why You Should Not Leave Your Central Heating On All Day

By trying to warm your house, are you actually throwing away money? If you leave the heating on all day or nudge up the thermostat a touch to heat your home, you may be in for a shock when the gas bill comes.

Myth: You should leave the heating on a low temperature all-day

Many people think that having the heating on a low temperature all the time means your boiler uses less energy. If fact it is cheaper only to have the heating turned on when you need it with a timer.

Myth: Turning up the thermostat warms up your home quicker

A lot of us turn up the thermostat to the highest setting to get the temperature up as quickly as possible. This isn’t right: Your thermostat sets a maximum temperature, so it heats up at the same rate regardless. In fact, turning DOWN your thermostat by a single degree can save you around £80 a year.

Myth: Using an electric heater is cheaper than central heating

You may think it’s cheaper to stick a small electric heater on for a few hours – but they are one of the most expensive ways to heat your home.

Myth: Keeping all the doors open circulates heat around your home

It’s better to close all the doors to keep heat within the rooms you are using rather than circulating heat around an empty home. You can save more money by turning down the thermostats on the radiators in the rooms you are not using and keeping the doors closed.

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