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Why Is A Boiler Like A Car

Why is a boiler like a car we hear you ask? Many householders do not think about boiler maintenance in the same way of a car service – it can be difficult to understand why you ought to go the extra mile. A boiler needs regular servicing to keep it safe and efficient. What you must realise is that a boiler is like a car.

Why Is A Boiler Like A Car? A Boiler Needs Servicing Just Like a Car

Most people understand the necessity of regular checks on their vehicles, but there is less awareness of the need to service a boiler – and the potential consequences if you skip the annual service. Boiler operating hours are like the number of miles a car has driven. Running a boiler for a year or more without a service is like driving a car for 100,000 miles without having a check-up. Very few drivers would run such a risk!

Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

There is a lack of knowledge about the threat posed by carbon monoxide poisoning. Around fifty people every year dies as a result of CO poisoning, and 4,000 more are treated in hospital for CO inhalation. The most common sources of CO in the home is emissions from faulty gas appliances, so this is a clear demonstration of the safety benefits of boiler servicing. Missing a boiler service can also affect your central heating system’s warranty. Just like a car warranty or insurance, maintenance must be conducted to stay protected, and an annual service is usually a condition of your boiler warranty or service agreement.

Annual Boiler Service

The annual service must be undertaken by a Gas Registered engineer for your new boiler’s guarantee to remain valid. For a boiler to be kept under warranty, it must be properly registered by a Gas Safe installer, and a checklist must be completed after installation – and then at each service – to show it is safe to use. Many installers will send out a reminder every year, so you know when it is time to arrange for your annual boiler service.

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