Radiators Not Heating Up

Why Are My Radiators Not Heating Up?

radiators not heating up

There is no one set answer for the question ‘why are my radiators not heating up?’, as there are all different issues that can affect the performance of your heating system.  Find below a few of the most common issues:

  • Debris in the heating system
  • Blockage in the heating system
  • Sludge in the heating system
  • Air in the system
  • Lack of water in the system
  • Faulty radiator valves
  • Component failure
  • Incorrectly balanced heating system

If you’re experiencing problems with your radiator we would always recommend a qualified central heating engineer takes a look.

Why Are My Radiators Not Heating Up?

L&W were called out to a customer who had ongoing problems with a number of radiators.  The customer reported their ground floor radiators were not heating up however their first & second floor were working correctly.  We suggested to the customer that we try to balance the heating system, which would distribute even flow around all of the radiators. 

radiators not heating up

We used a Thermal Camera to show the customer the temperatures across all of the radiators within the house.  We found that the radiators on the ground floor were far colder than the radiators on the first & second floor.  As soon as we started to balance the system we found the radiators on the ground floor started to work.  We then took thermal images at the end of the balancing process which proved that the radiators on the ground floor were as hot as the radiators on the other floors.

The Thermal Images gave us an indication of what was going on inside the radiators and proving also that the system wasn’t sludged up.  There was also no other evidence of debris within the system/filter, to the relief to our customer.

The customer was thrilled that after a short period of time the radiators had started to heat up where before they had no heat at all.

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