What To Do Before A Plumber Arrives

What To Do Before A Plumber Arrives

When you’ve had a plumbing emergency and have called an expert team like L&W Plumbing and Heating to try and stem the flow, you may not know what to do while you wait for help to arrive. If you have had a broken tap, burst pipe or leaking boilers then there is some first aid you can do before a plumber arrives to try to prevent a plumbing emergency from turning into a major disaster.

Before A Plumber Arrives – Turn the Water Off

Water will quickly ruin carpets or weaken a ceiling, so your first priority is to turn off the water.  For minor plumbing problems, it will usually be sufficient to shut off the stopcock which is generally located under the kitchen sink.

Before A Plumber Arrives – Check for Electrical Risks

Water and electricity do not make happy bedfellows, and when they meet they can cause a short circuit, and be extremely dangerous.  If you see water dripping from a light fitting or rising so it may come into contact with an electrical socket, turn off the mains power immediately at the main fuse box, which is usually under the stairs or in a cupboard.

Before A Plumber Arrives – Start Mopping Up

To minimise water damage, once the water is turned off, you can start to clear up the affected area using a mop or large sponge.  This saves the plumber a job when he arrives and so you have less time to pay for, and it protects your property too.

Before A Plumber Arrives – Prevention is Better Than Cure

Just like doctors and dentists, plumbers prefer to work by appointment. Emergencies always arise, but you can’t guarantee a plumber will be available when you have your problem, so we recommend prevention as an alternative to a cure. Boilers are the most common cause for callouts. You can lower your risk by asking us to service your boiler and central heating system regularly – at least once per year.  Call our plumbers for more help and advice:-

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