Has A Gas Safe Engineer Left A Warning Label

Has A Gas Safe Engineer Left A Warning Label?

Has a registered Gas Safe engineer left a warning label on your appliance? Here is a guide to what it means?

Have A Warning Label? What Does It Mean?

When a gas engineer identifies an unsafe situation, they follow a procedure called the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP):

  • First, they look to find the cause of any problem and rectify it;
  • If that is not possible, they will advise you to have the fault repaired before using the installation again;
  • If the work cannot be immediately corrected, they’ll try to make the installation safe (with your permission), by either disconnecting it or turning off the gas supply.

Warning Label Categories

When a registered engineer identifies a gas related danger, they attach a Danger Do Not Use the label to the gas fitting and give you a warning notice. The notice provides details of the unsafe situation.

The two types of unsafe categories are:

Immediately Dangerous (ID):

If your installation is  ‘immediately dangerous’ it is considered a danger to life. The installation will be disconnected, and cannot be used until work has been carried out to repair it. If you refuse permission to disconnect the appliance and it runs on natural gas, the gas engineer has to report the situation to the Gas Emergency Service Provider (ESP). They have legal powers of entry and can disconnect the gas supply.

At Risk (AR):

An installation ‘At Risk’ has one or more faults present which could constitute a danger. The installation will again be turned off, and should not be used until the fault has been fixed.

ESP Visits

If the ESP (Gas Emergency Service Provider) has been to your property as an emergency (such as a smell of gas or fumes) and they cannot confirm an appliance is safe, they may attach a ‘Danger Do Not Use’ label to the appliance and give you a warning notice. For more information call one of our local numbers below:-

Newton Le Willows Plumbers 01925 394260
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Wigan Plumbers 01942 417220
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