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What To Check Before Turning Your Heating On

Carrying out some simple checks can sure your boiler can do its job over the New Year period.  It might save you having to make an emergency call out in this busy period for heating engineers. Read our article to find out more about what to check before turning your heating on…

What To Check Before Turning Your Heating On

Bleeding Radiators

Making sure that there are no air pockets in your radiators means you can immediately tell if anything is untoward in your central heating system.

Timers and thermostats

Heating up your home when you’re not in it is a waste of money but puts unnecessary strain on your central heating – so make sure your timer and thermostat are working properly. Check that the time is set correctly and not just the temperature – if it’s too low then your heating will not come on. If you don’t have a fixed routine, it might be worth investing in a Smart Thermostat. This will let you alter your heating from your smartphone – so your home is toasty when you get back home.

Installing thermostatic radiator valves

The odds of you wanting to heat all the rooms in your house to exactly the same temperature are low. You can avoid wasting money on heating up empty rooms by installing thermostatic valves on all your radiators.


Diagnosing central heating faults is tricky, but a few checks before switching on the central heating can help you solve potential boiler problems and describe them to your heating engineer more accurately.

Look out for:

  • Is the pilot light lit properly? Does it keep going out?
  • Can you hear any unusual or loud noises?
  • Is your boiler leaking?
  • Are any of your radiators leaking?
  • Are all the functions on the boiler and thermostats working as they should?

If you’re not sure about any problems with your boiler or central heating, call a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to take a look at it.

L&W Heating and Plumbing

A gas safety check is recommended to be carried out every year by a reputable Gas Safe registered plumber.  Whatever your heating and plumbing needs: from fixing a leaking tap to a brand-new water saving shower, we can help: call LW Heating and Plumbing today for more information about what to check before turning your heating on…

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