What is a Hydrogen Boiler and How Does it Work

What is a Hydrogen Boiler and How Does it Work?

As we try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80%, the government wants to change the way we heat our homes. Recent figures show that heating makes up 40% of the UK’s energy consumption. Alternative fuel sources like hydrogen could reduce our carbon footprint. So what is a Hydrogen boiler and how does it work? Read our article to find out more…

What is a Hydrogen Boiler and How Does it Work?

The idea of using hydrogen to fuel our appliances is to reduce carbon emissions. Hydrogen is an alternative to Natural Gas; which along with LPG and oil produces carbon dioxide as a by-product of its combustion.

There are many suggestions as to how hydrogen could be used as a fuel. This includes electrochemically separating hydrogen from a source fuel. In this case, carbon emissions would still need to be captured and contained.

Other processes under consideration include electrolysis, (splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen) or the use of electric heating systems.

What are some of the pros and cons of hydrogen boilers?


Lower greenhouse gas emissions – The main aim is to decarbonise heating. The carbon emissions fossil fuels release into the atmosphere pollute the air. These gasses cannot escape the atmosphere and so cause global temperatures to rise.

Energy-efficiency – Hydrogen contains a lot of energy. 1kg of hydrogen contains as much energy as 2.8kg of petrol.

 Easy storage – Hydrogen can be stored in many of ways. It can be compressed, contained in caverns of salt or ammonia or liquified.

Current infrastructure – The current gas infrastructure could be used for hydrogen.


Safety – Hydrogen is flammable.

The production of hydrogen emits carbon gas – Although hydrogen heating systems could reduce carbon emissions, the production of hydrogen can emit carbon; so this will need to be captured and stored. Alternatively, electrolysis could solve this issue.

Existing appliances would need to be converted as hydrogen cannot be used with current appliances.

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