What Is A Ground Source Heat Pump?

What Is A Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground source heat pumps are a way to extract heat from the ground and convert it into heating and hot water. A Ground source heat pump works even in cold temperatures, and they are incredibly efficient. They require some electricity to operate, but three-quarters of the energy they need is generated directly from the thermal energy in the ground.

What Is A Ground Source Heat Pump?  

A ground source heat pump can be installed in homes with suitable land to install ground arrays or a borehole.

What is a ground array?

A ground array is a series of pipes installed underground. The land must be accessible to digging machinery to make trenches. The pipes absorb thermal energy, which is used by a heat pump to make heat and hot water. Ground arrays require more room than borehole systems, so they are better suited for properties with a lot of land. The finished installation is not noticeable.

What is a borehole system?

A borehole system is better suited for a property with limited space. The land must still be accessed by drilling machinery. A borehole is created by digging a hole to reach thermal energy deep in the earth — the deeper the hole, the hotter the temperature that can be accessed.

Why use thermal energy from the ground?

  • Perfect for properties that have a lot of land
  • Provides heating and hot water for your home
  • Suitable for a range of properties
  • Heat pumps can be housed indoors or in outbuildings
  • Works in cold temperatures
  • Quiet during operation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Compatible with radiators and underfloor heating
  • No need for fuel deliveries or fuel storage

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