What Is A Central Heating Magnetic Filter?

What Is A Central Heating Magnetic Filter

You may have heard of a central heating magnetic filter but do you know what one is and why it is important to have one fitted? A central heating magnetic filter is a product that attaches to your heating system.  Its job is to collect debris from the water running through the central heating system to prevent a build-up of sludge throughout the system.

The Importance Of A Central Heating Magnetic Filter

Without a magnetic filter there is an increased risk of the following problems:

  • Noisy boiler
  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Failure of pumps
  • Failure of heat exchangers
  • Complete boiler breakdown

The benefits of having a magnetic filter:

  • Reduces the risk of all issues above
  • Provides continual system protection
  • The filter will help to prolong the life of the boiler by reducing the amount of sludge
  • Increases the efficiency of the heating system
  • Lower energy bills
  • An engineer should always offer a magnetic filter when installing a new boiler as a filter can increase the manufacturer’s warranty dependent on the brand.

From our experience, we’ve been called out to a high volume of customers who required estimates for a power flush due to a build-up of sludge within the system.  As a result, it has caused issues to their heating.  Most of these customers did not have a magnetic filter fitted.  In addition to this, the customers hadn’t had chemical flushes carried out when having their boiler or central heating systems installed.

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There are many different brands of central heating magnetic filters please contact L&W Heating and Plumbing services, your gas safe registered engineers on a local number below to discuss your requirements.

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