What Do Baxi Boiler Error Codes E133 or E28 Mean?

What Do Baxi Boiler Error Codes E133 or E28 Mean

If your Baxi boiler has shut down and is showing error codes E133 or E28, then your condensate pipe is most probably frozen.

Getting Your Baxi Boiler Working

Please follow these steps to get your Baxi boiler up and running again: 

Step 1 – Switch your Baxi boiler off at the control panel and also turn off the electricity at the wall. 

Step 2 – Check to see if your boilers condensate pipe runs along the outside of a wall at any point. The condensate pipe is usually a small white plastic pipe that comes out of the bottom of your Baxi boiler. It carries the ‘condensate’, which is the waste liquid produced when all the heat has been removed from the gas that has burned to provide your home with heating and hot water, to a drain. Usually, the boilers condensate pipe runs from the boiler to a drain under a sink, but in most cases, it may have been routed through the wall and into an external drain. The part of the condensate pipe that is outside is often likely to freeze when winter temperatures start to plummet. If your Baxi boiler is located in an unheated part of your home, for example in the garage or an out-house, you should treat the boilers condensate pipe as if it was outside.  

Step 3 – Warm the boilers condensate pipe across its weather-exposed length using either a hot water bottle, a microwaveable heat pack or simply warm water poured from a watering can. Do not use boiling water straight from a kettle as this could damage the condensate pipe.

Step 4 – Turn the power to the boiler back on at the wall and restart your boiler. Repeat this process until the boiler works again.

Step 5 – If after repeating the above four steps the Baxi boiler fails to start working then call a professional central heating engineer to diagnose the fault further.

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