Top Tips To Keep Warm This Winter

Top Tips To Keep Warm This Winter

One in three couples regularly argues over the temperature in their home. As temperatures are starting to drop, here are some top tips to keep warm this winter and keep heating costs down.

Top Tips To Keep Warm This Winter

Keep draughts out

Draughts can get in through tiny gaps. Using draught excluders at the bottom of doors helps keep the heat in. Make sure to close the doors in each room, to keep heat in and draughts out.

Cosy curtains

A thick pair of lined curtains are great to trap in heat. They will also provide a layer between the room and window to stop draughts. Make sure to draw them open each day so that the room gets some sunlight.

Uncover the heat

If your furniture is in front of the radiator, it prevents heat circulating. During winter, shuffle the room around to make your radiators work better.

Dress for cold weather

When it is cold, dress in layers, wear slippers and even think about using a hat to avoid putting the heating on. In bed, try a hot water bottle or electric blanket. Make sure to decorate the house with rugs, insulated curtains and warm blankets on the sofa.

Plan ahead

Most heating systems have a timer, so you can make sure your home is comfortably warm when you wake and get back from work. Set the heating 15-30 minutes before you need it and turn it off 30 minutes before you go to bed.

Have warming food and drinks

Eat hearty meals such as porridge, soup or stew and drink warm drinks.

Stay active

An active lifestyle boosts your circulation, so move around at least once an hour.

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