Top Five Plumbing Mistakes

Top Five Plumbing Mistakes

Here are five common plumbing mistakes that you might make when carrying out plumbing work.

Top Five Plumbing Mistakes

Changing a radiator without removing the valve tail

Radiators are not supplied with tails, just a ½ BSP connection that you screw into. So you have to take out the radiator valve tail with a large Allen key or special radiator spanner.

I have a system boiler and I want another one!

This is a common mistake and is made even by plumbers and gas engineers. Most people think they have a system boiler because it does heating and hot water. System boilers are actually a fairly new invention and allow for a closed heating and hot water circuit without needing a feed and expansion. A traditional system is open vented with a header tank in the loft.

Not cleaning and protecting the system

This should not be underestimated. It is a misconception that a new system will be clean as it will contain debris from soldering and flux residue. It is pointless protecting a dirty system.

Not reading the instructions

It is wise to read the instructions because products can change, and you may not fully understand how it works.

Not having the right tool for the job

Before you start messing with plumbing, you should make sure you have the right tools for the job. A basic plumber tool kit can help you deal with many problems. Some simpler plumbing issues like a leaky tap can be solved by tightening it with the proper basin wrench.

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