The Importance Of Yearly Boiler Servicing

The Importance Of Yearly Boiler Servicing

Most manufacturers guidelines state that a boiler needs to be serviced annually.  Initially, yearly boiler servicing is important to validate your warranty each year with the manufacturer.  Without this, you may be left at risk of being held liable for the cost of any repairs.  In addition to this servicing allows engineers to carry out any necessary maintenance that is required.  They will also advise if there are any problems with the boiler for example; leaks, failing parts, corrosion etc.

Yearly Boiler Servicing

A new customer recently contacted us reporting that they hadn’t had their boiler serviced for a number of years. The fault they reported was no heat or hot water on their 7-8-year old boiler Worcester SI combination boiler.

The engineer identified on the initial visit that there was a leak inside of the boiler. The flow turbine had disintegrated and has caused a severe leak.  There was no doubt that the leak had been happening for some time but due to the fact that it was inside the boiler, the customer, unfortunately, wasn’t aware.

As requested, L&W sent the customer an estimate for the repair and for a full strip-down service.  With the strip down service, the burner gasket seals and a spark electrode kit was recommended. The reason for this was that the seals and electrode kit were suffering from wear and tear. The customer decided whilst the repair for the flow turbine was being carried out it made sense to do the full strip-down service at the same time.

L&W Heating and Plumbing Services

L&W would always recommend that you have your boiler serviced annually, firstly to ensure the safety of you and your property and secondly to maintain the efficiency of the boiler and to help avoid expensive repair costs.

Our new customer will now receive a free reminder when their next service is due to carry on maintaining the boiler.

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