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Spring Cleaning Your Central Heating System

The sun has started shining again; the temperature is going up, and some say it’s already starting to feel like summer. But rising temperatures are a sign that it is time to start thinking about spring cleaning your central heating system to improve its heating efficiency before the cold weather returns.

Spring Cleaning Your Central Heating System

Here are a few ideas for what you could do this spring to improve the health of your heating system.

Get your boiler checked

Book in a “Power-flush” for your radiators. If your boiler is making a rattling noise or your radiators are feeling cold at the bottom, then this could be a sign that your central heating system is suffering from a build-up of  ‘sludge’ caused by iron oxide. The simple solution is for your local heating and plumbing experts to clean and drain the entire system, with a ‘power-flush’. It makes your radiators heat up properly again and improves the efficiency of your boiler. ‘Power-flushing’ makes you boiler last longer as well as helping you to cut down energy costs.

Turn down the thermostat

As the weather gets warmer, the temperature in your home is already high enough without an extra helping hand from the heating system. Consider turning down your radiator valves until winter, or at least lowering your thermostat. Turning down the temperature by just 1°C saves you approximately £55 per year. So, make the most of the sunshine and save some money on your energy bills.

If you need work done to your heating and plumbing system, such a new boiler, then the spring and summer months are the best time for it. Plumbers have more availability this time of year, and if you need to do without your central heating for a day or two it is a lot less trouble!

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Whatever your heating and plumbing needs: from your annual gas service to a full brand-new heating system, we can help you: call LW Heating and Plumbing today for more information about spring cleaning your central heating system.

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