Salus RF Fault Resolved By L&W Heating Specialist

Salus RF Fault Resolved By L&W Heating Specialist

Recently a customer contacted L&W Heating & Plumbing as they were experiencing an issue with the built-in Salus RF room thermostat. The customer, despite having a room thermostat had to turn their boiler off manually in order to switch the heating off. This obviously became an inconvenience and wasn’t cost-effective as the boiler was remaining on indefinitely as the control wasn’t doing its job.

Salus RF Fault Resolved By L&W Heating Specialist

Our engineer discussed with the customer what they’d like to get from the thermostat as there is a range of products on the market. Once the customer had expressed their requirements and what they needed to get out of the control L&W suggested an EPH Combipack 4 programmable room stat.

This product allows the customer:

  • Manually turn on/off the central heating at the touch of a button
  • Boost facility where the heating will come on for a few hours
  • Program facility for either a 5 day (Monday-Friday)/2 day (Saturday-Sunday) programmer OR a 7 individual day facility (The 7-day program may be beneficial for someone who is on flexible shift patterns during the week)
  • The room stat can be moved around the property. This was an added benefit to the customer.  It can be taken anywhere and be used at any time. 

The customer found that there was a better range of functions on the new product and found that it was extremely user-friendly.  This is the kind of feedback we get on a regular basis regarding this particular product.

L&W Heating Specialist

There are many different room thermostats available all of which have different functions and capacities from a standard thermostat to a smart controller.  If you’d like help deciding which thermostat would be right for you, our engineers are happy to help. Call us today on a regional number below:-

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