How to Fix a Water Leak

How to Fix a Water Leak

Do you have a water leak? here is some advice on how to stop the water flowing and prevent further damage.

How to Fix a Water Leak

First, contain the water leak – close off the water supply stop tap by turning its handle clockwise.

If you cannot find the stop tap, look under the kitchen sink, and in the bathroom. It may be under a wash hand basin, beside the toilet or even underneath the bath. The stop tap is occasionally external to the property in an outbuilding.

Once you have found the stop tap, close it fully by turning its handle clockwise as far as it will go. Closing the tap reduces and eventually stops the water flow.

Note that if you have a water storage tank, water may continue to leak even after the stop tap is closed. In this case, check for a stop tap on the water tank itself and close that too.

Once the stop tap is closed, open all the taps to drain out any remaining water from the system.

 Then call a gas safe registered plumber.

Leaking radiator

Place a towel beneath the radiator to contain the water. You can close the radiator valves by turning them clockwise.

Then open the radiator bleed valve with the special key. This reduces pressure in the radiator, but only do it after you have closed both valves. If the leak comes from a valve, switch off the central heating

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