Why Should You Have A Boiler Service

Regular Boiler Servicing

We now live in a throwaway society –perfectly serviceable TVs, PCs and furnishings are regularly thrown away and replaced, but few of us consider scrapping the family car just because it needs an oil change.  Of course, we might exchange it if a repair bill is going to cost more than its value, but on the whole, regular servicing and maintenance is recognised as a sensible investment. For some reason, few of us take the same view when it comes to our boiler and central heating system.  Many people forget about regular boiler servicing until it breaks down and needs replacing at great cost.

You might be a millionaire, in which case that is fine.  But the cost of an annual service is dwarfed by the price of a new boiler – and you want your boiler to last for 7, 15 or even 35 years and not just two or three, which is all you can expect if you don’t take care of it. A boiler that has not been regularly service will become inefficient, or even dangerous: each year about 4000 people are admitted to A&E with carbon monoxide poisoning from leaking boilers.

Prevention is better than cure, and a service conducted regularly is quick, simple and economical.  The three areas of a boiler service are ‘Clean, Protect & Maintain’.

Regular Boiler Servicing – Cleaning

The main problem with boilers and central heating systems is also the easiest one to cure It is sludge, which is an accumulation of silt and metal particles that settles inside tanks and pipework.  Clearing sludge is the first procedure to be done in every service.

Regular Boiler Servicing – Protection

Preventive maintenance is cheaper than repairs, so we can top up the system with a chemical called an inhibitor that helps to prevent corrosion and limescale. 

Regular Boiler Servicing – Maintenance

Once it’s serviced, it needs to be maintained.  The amount of inhibitor needs to be checked regularly intervals, and an annual service is a perfect time to do so.

For more information about regular boiler servicing contact your local heating specialist on a number below:-

Newton Le Willows Central Heating Engineers 01925 394260
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