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Prepping Your House For Winter

Prepping your house for winter is essential each year and our home maintenance checklist will help you to make sure that when the cold weather arrives, your home is as cosy as it can be.

Prepping Your House For Winter

Insulation’s what you need

A well-insulated home isn’t just cosy; it saves you money on heating and maintenance. Insulating the loft doesn’t just keep it warm in winter. It also helps your home to remain cool in summer. Installing the insulation may be a job for the professionals but checking the insulation level is simple. The recommended depth for loft insulation is between 250 and 270 mm. A quick trip up the loft ladder with a ruler will establish whether you still have older insulation materials which might only 100mm thick.

What else needs insulating?

Although “on demand” heaters and don’t have to be insulated, older water cylinders always perform better when wearing an insulation jacket. Simply buy a jacket from your local DIY store and wrap it around the hot water cylinder.

After you’ve insulated your loft floor, it can leave your water pipes colder space than before, so they are more likely to freeze. You can prevent problems by using special insulation (called lagging), which comes in the form of foam tubes that you simply slide over the pipes.

The condensate pipe that comes out of your boiler will often have an external section that can freeze in winter. If it does, the condensate trap stops draining, and your boiler stops working until the pipe has thawed. If the pipe is external and of less than 32mm diameter, it should be covered with type ‘O’ insulation.

Exclude draughts

Draughts around doors and windows increase heating costs. Seal any cracks by adding foam strips – and don’t forget your letterbox!

L&W Heating and Plumbing

A gas safety check is essential every year and must be completed by a reputable Gas Safe registered plumber.  Whatever your heating and plumbing needs: from fixing a leaking tap to a brand-new water saving shower, we can help with prepping your house for winter so call LW Heating and Plumbing today for more info on one of our regional numbers below:-

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